Zanerobe – The best designer from Australia?

There’s this brand out of Australia called Zanerobe that has exploded recently into a world stocked design label and has some seriously cool threads. They do pretty casual wear but it’s quite costly.. joggers being from 90-130. I think it’s worth it though if you are looking for something durable and fits well with low maintenance. I own a pair of the joggers and they are so easy to wear and fit really well on awkward builds for men. The design label is described as so: “WE’RE RELENTLESS IN OUR SEARCH OF PROGRESSIVE MEN’S FASHION AND HEAVILY INFLUENCED BY A HECTIC LIFESTYLE OF FESTIVALS, BEATS, TRAVEL, FRIENDS, STREET AND SURF.” They have a very fresh and youthful ideology behind their garments and the quality is quite high from the piece that I have in my collection. The pants are not easily damaged and they can really comfortably fit your frame. I’m hoping to pick up some of their winter joggers.

Check out some of their styles in their online shop. I think for a now global brand that has spread to some very high fashion outlets they are doing a great job keeping the prices slightly lower than some other insane brands such as some of the American stuff from Fear of God LA etc. which can go upwards of 1500 for a shirt or jacket. Check them out!

new designs by zanerobe australian designer


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