Madeline the Label: Fresh and Original

Madeline Little has become a force to reckon with, especially since being declared a finalist for SA Emerging Designer Award. Since then, she has launched her own designer label, called Madeline the Label.

Madeline the Label is for women who want to wear something that stands out and is fashion focused. She believes in patterned clothes that have bold designs, something that would stand out while remaining chic.  There is something elegant and extremely chic about her clothes as well. It is clear that the garments in the range are influenced by bold digital designs.

The best part about Madeline Little’s designs is the fact that they are chic and fashionable without being inaccessible to the common public. You do not even need an eye for high-fashion to appreciate the patterns and the designs.

Madeline the Label

One can classify Madeline The Label clothes as contemporary chic, and it belongs to the casual wear section. Her clothes have been presented in the Adelaide Fashion Week. Madeline Little is incredibly excited about her prospects in the fashion industry, and will hopefully expand her selection soon. That way, even we will have access to some of the fabulous designs we have managed to check out so far!


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