Maiocchi: Feminine and Quirky

Maiocchi was launched in 2001 by Deanne Mayocchi, and is one of the most unique Australian clothing labels so far. The designs are extremely feminine, and extremely unique. A lot of the clothes have a Japanese influence, and the basic style is very 50s mod. Each and every single piece of clothing is like a piece of art- it will make you stand apart, but not in a bad way. It is possible to wear their clothing on a daily basis too.

Deanne Mayocchi’s brand uses a large amount of natural fabric and traditional techniques. All their fabrics are made with personal attention and care- to the extent that every garment has it’s own personal touch. This might be a slight curve, a different cut, a modification on the print or a number of other things. These are the things that make this one of Australia’s finest designer brands.

Maiocchi's Dresses

Unlike many designer brands one might see on the catwalk, Maiocchi’s designs are extremely wearable, even on a daily basis. They are not exactly cheap, but if you are willing to spend that much money on a dress, you should most certainly spend it on a Maiocchi one.


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