City Chic- Plus Size and Fabulous

City Chic is one of those brands that will instantly become your favourite. Their motto seems to be casual chic and they carry it out to the T. They have some of the most feminine and accessible fashion in all of Australia and they are rather inexpensive as well.

City Chic Plus Size Clothing

City Chic has clothes from size 14 to 24, and all of these come in incredibly flattering fit. This is a company that pays attention to differences in female bodies and ensures that they have designs that flatter plus size bodies of all different shapes, as well. Usually, plus sized people have to deal with clothes that do not flatter their figure, or do not fit them right throughout the body, but one does not face such problems with City Chic. The brand has become quite popular in Australia, and they have set up a few branches in the USA as well.

City Chic Plus Size Apparel

The brand’s products range from comfortable boyfriend jeans and cardigans to formal dresses as well. They have a selection of party clothes and a collection of comfortable every day wear as well. It is easy to see exactly why and how this brand became this popular!


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