Sustainable Ecological and Ethical Fashion


Artisans of fashion a non profit organisation to raise awareness of sustainable fashion and ethical trading
‘Artisans of Fashion’ a social enterprise committed to Ethical Fashion

Eco fashion or ethical fashion is all part of a growing awareness throughout the world that we need to change. we need to be aware of what we are doing to the world and be more responsible in taking care of the land, the people , the animals and the produce. We need to learn to live more organically be aware of our carbon footprint, become more sustainable as our resources gradually decrease. Eco fashion is part of this growing philosophy. Fashion per se is very much part of the ‘buy and discard’ society we live in today, but step by step this is changing. it helps that stars and designers are encouraging this movement looking at promoting traditional crafts and ethical trading practices

Popsugar online magazine promoting eco or green fashion

All over the world exciting initiatives are developing to educate people in sustainable fashion. In Sydney you can find the Artisans of fashion, started in 2012 by Caroline Pointer, she wanted to help the women of India become more self-sufficient and to promote cultural sustainability, authenticity and social change. Raising awareness is being done by working with designers, exhibitions and educational institutes but are always looking for more people to be involved. Vision 2020, the non-profit, volunteer, charitable organisation that was started in 2003, this year they have donated funds to help establish a weaving and production centre in Lamgaundi , Rudraprayag. This centre will help over 300 women, widows and destitute where they will be trained in the craft of weaving. If you are interested in contributing you can volunteer to help with the projects this organisation undertakes, from fund-raising to education to being on hand in the deprived areas to assist. Whilst originating in Australia, Vision 2020 is open to any nation or nationality.

Voluntary, non profit charitable organisation registered in NSW

Next post we will look at some of the designers who have got on board with sustainable fashion.


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