Design Know-How Provides Garments with Amazing Colour Effects

I’ve already said I absolutely love fashion and a beautiful silk scarf can add simple beauty to any outfit, casual or sophisticated. I’ve noted that Mainie is an exciting luxury fashion brand launched very recently at the start of this year, and Mainie’s fashion garments are made with the very finest silks from the ancient Chinese Silk Cities on the fabled Silk Road. What I appreciate is that Mainie’s luxurious silk fashions are designed entirely in Australia. They patterns and colours are exquisite and feature authentic Aboriginal Dreamtime artworks.

Latest in Australian fashion

What I was particularly attracted to was not only the unique designs of the scarves and sarongs, but the most amazing colours. A little bit of research told me that the styles and colours of these beautiful fashion items have been inspired by the majesty of the vast Australian Outback. Mainie actually represents the ancient Aboriginal culture, and from their Cairns base, these fashion items have been designed because of a passion for the Australian heritage and a love for Aboriginal fine arts. All Aboriginal artworks featured on the silk scarves and wraps are acquired ethically under licence. Mainie’s maiden collection of scarves and wraps is also available for sale online.


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