Hot Trend Alert – Knuckle Rings

I’m in love with knuckle rings right now. This is a trend that is just now making its way to Australia and it’s a great one. The little rings that fit up top on your fingers look so great with other jewelry. You can wear them all at once or just put one on with your normal rings in order to make a statement. They come in all types of silver and gold with gyms, symbols, and etchings on them. They are a great accessory to help you go that one step further. I have fallen in love with a set of turquoise ones. You can buy them in a set together or mix and match.

The knuckle rings can be worn attached to bracelets with chains. There are many different ways to wear the cute little midi rings and once you start wearing them you won’t be able to stop. I love them, and I think they will continue to be a huge trend in Australia. If you haven’t tried this trend yet, I suggest you at least grab one of these, you can wear it and see how quickly it takes you to want more. They are addictive.


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