Tailored Military trend 2016

What’s back in fashion? Military trend 2016

It’s time to revisit the military trend! Ever since the 60’s this trend has been in and out of fashion, especially since John Lennon was seen wearing the now legendary M-65. Previously, it’s been common to see fashionable people wearing military shirts bought from army surplus or thrift stores. Plain olive cotton, preferably a bit over-size and understated. The military trend 2016 is far from plain. You will still see the olive cotton and the classic shape, but this year the practical and comfortable military clothing is adorned with all kinds of wondrous things. Big embroideries of birds and flowers, studs, rope trim, crystals, bows and brass buttons are some must-have details this year! Vogue has called the military trend 2016 as clothing cut from 18th-century Britain and France instead of salvaged from the army surplus stores. This year garments are much more structured, with crisp fabric, defined shoulders and a tailored look. Do you have an army shirt hanging in your wardrobe? Why not take it out and adorn it yourself with some funky details? It’s right on trend!


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