Sizzling Looks with Stylish Bags and Footwear


I love accessories because any mundane outfit can be jazzed up with some eye-catching accessories. When it comes to fashion in the land ‘down under’, you can bet Australia is there with all the rest, offering the very best of homegrown talent. There are quite a few of Hollywood’s celebs who turn to Australian designers like Alex Perry, Rebecca Vallance and Dion Lee among other for their sizzling looks. Because many Australians roam around barefoot I count shoes as an accessory. Shoes, belts and bags fall into the same category for me and Australia has a fabulous selection of shoes and bags from top brands such as Tony Bianco, Skechers, Condura and Birkenstock among others.

For me, both men and women’s outfits require trendy footwear known for quality, comfort and style. When I look at what I have in my wardrobe, I always know exactly which shoes and bags will finish the outfits. The best part is that in Australia you  have access to tall boots, pumps, sneakers, flat sandals, ankle boots, wedges and other stylish footwear which you can also buy online. For all your outfits, shoes and bags, when it comes to fashion, I think I can see that our Australian designers give you the winning factor.


Design Know-How Provides Garments with Amazing Colour Effects

I’ve already said I absolutely love fashion and a beautiful silk scarf can add simple beauty to any outfit, casual or sophisticated. I’ve noted that Mainie is an exciting luxury fashion brand launched very recently at the start of this year, and Mainie’s fashion garments are made with the very finest silks from the ancient Chinese Silk Cities on the fabled Silk Road. What I appreciate is that Mainie’s luxurious silk fashions are designed entirely in Australia. They patterns and colours are exquisite and feature authentic Aboriginal Dreamtime artworks.

Latest in Australian fashion

What I was particularly attracted to was not only the unique designs of the scarves and sarongs, but the most amazing colours. A little bit of research told me that the styles and colours of these beautiful fashion items have been inspired by the majesty of the vast Australian Outback. Mainie actually represents the ancient Aboriginal culture, and from their Cairns base, these fashion items have been designed because of a passion for the Australian heritage and a love for Aboriginal fine arts. All Aboriginal artworks featured on the silk scarves and wraps are acquired ethically under licence. Mainie’s maiden collection of scarves and wraps is also available for sale online.

Sustainable Ecological and Ethical Fashion


Artisans of fashion a non profit organisation to raise awareness of sustainable fashion and ethical trading
‘Artisans of Fashion’ a social enterprise committed to Ethical Fashion

Eco fashion or ethical fashion is all part of a growing awareness throughout the world that we need to change. we need to be aware of what we are doing to the world and be more responsible in taking care of the land, the people , the animals and the produce. We need to learn to live more organically be aware of our carbon footprint, become more sustainable as our resources gradually decrease. Eco fashion is part of this growing philosophy. Fashion per se is very much part of the ‘buy and discard’ society we live in today, but step by step this is changing. it helps that stars and designers are encouraging this movement looking at promoting traditional crafts and ethical trading practices

Popsugar online magazine promoting eco or green fashion

All over the world exciting initiatives are developing to educate people in sustainable fashion. In Sydney you can find the Artisans of fashion, started in 2012 by Caroline Pointer, she wanted to help the women of India become more self-sufficient and to promote cultural sustainability, authenticity and social change. Raising awareness is being done by working with designers, exhibitions and educational institutes but are always looking for more people to be involved. Vision 2020, the non-profit, volunteer, charitable organisation that was started in 2003, this year they have donated funds to help establish a weaving and production centre in Lamgaundi , Rudraprayag. This centre will help over 300 women, widows and destitute where they will be trained in the craft of weaving. If you are interested in contributing you can volunteer to help with the projects this organisation undertakes, from fund-raising to education to being on hand in the deprived areas to assist. Whilst originating in Australia, Vision 2020 is open to any nation or nationality.

Voluntary, non profit charitable organisation registered in NSW

Next post we will look at some of the designers who have got on board with sustainable fashion.

Australian Designers Simply Have You Looking Your Best

I’m absolutely adamant that Australian fashion designers are rising quickly in the fashion ranks and that Aussie labels are some of the hot favourites these days.  From gorgeous accessories from Natalie Alamien to clothing brands such as Eska Alikai, Alex Perry, Collette Dinnigan, Sass and Bide and Unif.m, I’ve discovered the fashion scene in Australia is certainly alive and well.
Take the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia for instance. This annual show sports the latest collections from Australia, and with creative Aussie designers, you can literally hear the stir and buzz around Aussie apparel.

The Aussies simply know how to present clothes that are fun, unique, trendy and stylish. If you want to know how to easily afford these fashionable items, check out Ferratum at short-term-loans and discover an easy way to pay for top fashion items.

I mentioned  Alex Perry earlier on because he is one Australian designer who isn’t only a household name in Australia, his designs adorn the bods of celebrities such as Heidi Klum and Nicole Richie among others.

Whether you are wearing a cocktail number or a chic sundress, the fact is that its time to start taking notice of Australian designers who offer great everyday styles and also items with a little luxury. Take note, some of the hot items I’ve discovered are guaranteed to have you looking your best and they simply add a little bit of sparkle to your wardrobe too.

Australian Fashion: Finders Keepers The Label

When one thinks of the best known name brand fashions in Australia, one of the first brands that comes to mind is Finders Keepers The Label. This brand carries it all. From yoga pants to evening dresses, there is nothing that Finders Keepers does not produce.

Not only do they create any style of clothing imaginable, they also serve many different styles.   Finders Keepers has clothing and accessories that are chic, classy, and elegant, but can also cater to those who prefer a more bold and daring look. They indulge in the classic, timeless styles, and look forward to the future with pizazz.


Finders Keepers The Label produces eleven collections each year, to showcase a wide array of styles, for a wide array of occasions.   While Finders Keepers The Label is meant to be high end street designs, there are even clothing and accessory lines for the sophisticated, cultured evening out.

Due to the wide variety of looks, styles and designs, Finders Keepers The Label has become one of the most sought after fashion names in Australia, gaining its place in some of the most renowned stores in Australia. Look for Finders Keepers The Label at stores such as Nordstrom, Shopbop, or Harrod’s. They can also be found online.

City Chic- Plus Size and Fabulous

City Chic is one of those brands that will instantly become your favourite. Their motto seems to be casual chic and they carry it out to the T. They have some of the most feminine and accessible fashion in all of Australia and they are rather inexpensive as well.

City Chic Plus Size Clothing

City Chic has clothes from size 14 to 24, and all of these come in incredibly flattering fit. This is a company that pays attention to differences in female bodies and ensures that they have designs that flatter plus size bodies of all different shapes, as well. Usually, plus sized people have to deal with clothes that do not flatter their figure, or do not fit them right throughout the body, but one does not face such problems with City Chic. The brand has become quite popular in Australia, and they have set up a few branches in the USA as well.

City Chic Plus Size Apparel

The brand’s products range from comfortable boyfriend jeans and cardigans to formal dresses as well. They have a selection of party clothes and a collection of comfortable every day wear as well. It is easy to see exactly why and how this brand became this popular!

Maiocchi: Feminine and Quirky

Maiocchi was launched in 2001 by Deanne Mayocchi, and is one of the most unique Australian clothing labels so far. The designs are extremely feminine, and extremely unique. A lot of the clothes have a Japanese influence, and the basic style is very 50s mod. Each and every single piece of clothing is like a piece of art- it will make you stand apart, but not in a bad way. It is possible to wear their clothing on a daily basis too.

Deanne Mayocchi’s brand uses a large amount of natural fabric and traditional techniques. All their fabrics are made with personal attention and care- to the extent that every garment has it’s own personal touch. This might be a slight curve, a different cut, a modification on the print or a number of other things. These are the things that make this one of Australia’s finest designer brands.

Maiocchi's Dresses

Unlike many designer brands one might see on the catwalk, Maiocchi’s designs are extremely wearable, even on a daily basis. They are not exactly cheap, but if you are willing to spend that much money on a dress, you should most certainly spend it on a Maiocchi one.

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