Madeline the Label: Fresh and Original

Madeline Little has become a force to reckon with, especially since being declared a finalist for SA Emerging Designer Award. Since then, she has launched her own designer label, called Madeline the Label.

Madeline the Label is for women who want to wear something that stands out and is fashion focused. She believes in patterned clothes that have bold designs, something that would stand out while remaining chic.  There is something elegant and extremely chic about her clothes as well. It is clear that the garments in the range are influenced by bold digital designs.

The best part about Madeline Little’s designs is the fact that they are chic and fashionable without being inaccessible to the common public. You do not even need an eye for high-fashion to appreciate the patterns and the designs.

Madeline the Label

One can classify Madeline The Label clothes as contemporary chic, and it belongs to the casual wear section. Her clothes have been presented in the Adelaide Fashion Week. Madeline Little is incredibly excited about her prospects in the fashion industry, and will hopefully expand her selection soon. That way, even we will have access to some of the fabulous designs we have managed to check out so far!


ZIMMERMAN – Great Designer from Australia

So there’s another great designer we should talk about on here, named ZIMMERMAN that is worth mentioning to an audience of fashion forward people. There’s a lot you can do as a fashion designer and zimmerman definitely makes some great women’s clothing. I don’t want to make this blog all about men’s clothing because it’s what interests me as a man but I wanted to make it appeal to others that are interested in Australian designers and also to give a shout out to the designers who deserve it regardless of their gender choice for clothing.

flowery designs from zimmerman

Zimmerman seems to really utilize floral patterns and flowy patterns on most of the clothing particularly for the 2014-2015 season. The only issue with a lot of the clothing is it can be quite pricey with some bathing suits being upwards of $450-500. Also they have great internet appeal for those interested in instagram and tumblr etc. you can check them out as well for some ideas for what to wear during the warm months.

Needless to say I don’t buy any of the stuff from Zimmerman but for gifts for your loved ones or your girlfriend you should definitely check them out guys. Also for women you can see their updated catalogue and shop online at the link posted above. Cheers and happy hunting.

Zanerobe – The best designer from Australia?

There’s this brand out of Australia called Zanerobe that has exploded recently into a world stocked design label and has some seriously cool threads. They do pretty casual wear but it’s quite costly.. joggers being from 90-130. I think it’s worth it though if you are looking for something durable and fits well with low maintenance. I own a pair of the joggers and they are so easy to wear and fit really well on awkward builds for men. The design label is described as so: “WE’RE RELENTLESS IN OUR SEARCH OF PROGRESSIVE MEN’S FASHION AND HEAVILY INFLUENCED BY A HECTIC LIFESTYLE OF FESTIVALS, BEATS, TRAVEL, FRIENDS, STREET AND SURF.” They have a very fresh and youthful ideology behind their garments and the quality is quite high from the piece that I have in my collection. The pants are not easily damaged and they can really comfortably fit your frame. I’m hoping to pick up some of their winter joggers.

Check out some of their styles in their online shop. I think for a now global brand that has spread to some very high fashion outlets they are doing a great job keeping the prices slightly lower than some other insane brands such as some of the American stuff from Fear of God LA etc. which can go upwards of 1500 for a shirt or jacket. Check them out!

new designs by zanerobe australian designer

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