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Newest Styles Straight Outta Aussie: How to Rock Them on a Budget

Newest styles on a budget

Just because my bank statement indicates more charges than money coming in does not mean my wardrobe needs to agonize as well. Here are my few quick, albeit sneaky, tips that help me rock the newest styles on a shoestring budget!

1) For starters, I always replace the cheap plastic buttons found on blazers or coats to make them look upscale (it does work!).

2) It is hard to have quality enhancement cheaply; the solution is choosing a simple handbag without lots of hardware.

3) I have found that wearing lower priced faux suede pumps tend to make me look more stylish than wearing artificial leather.

4) While shopping, always keep the fabric in mind. Linen, cotton and tweed most often look lavish, even when they are not.

5) Invest in a fabric shaver. This device will help make your knit items look new every time you wear them.

6) Make friends with a tailor. Although this will cost you some cash up front, what you get is a piece custom-fitted to you in a way that will always look more posh.

7) Lastly, get your piece in black. The color hides the revealing signs that you are wearing an inexpensive piece. If you are like me, and have a knack for showing off the newest styles from the likes of Vogue, without denting the bank, I would love to hear from you.