Super Cool Fashion Trends in 2017

Paris Fashion Week, which is considered the heart of the fashion world, is a scene where especially the new trends first appear. This special weekend of the latest creations of the most successful fashioners is followed by millions of people around the world with interest. As always, what will be fashion trends in 2017, what colours will be favourite this year, or which designs are going to be on the forefront? Everywhere in the world, the highly anticipated Trends from Paris Fashion Week tells people about the fashion of that year. In 2017, not only for the ladies but also for the men, the fashion trends are crucial for those who follow fashion. People who are constantly interested in new fashion products and want to create fashionable and attention-grabbing styles do not miss fashion week. For this reason, like every year, people are constantly trying to have information about fashion trends in 2017. Of course, the best way to do this is to follow Paris Fashion Week closely.


Australian fashion sites that will help you stay on trend

There are plenty of Australian fashion sites that will help you to get inspiration to improve your style. Australia is full of amazing fashion labels, like Sydney-based Lover, run by real life lovers Susien Chong and Nic Briand. One of the fashion sites selling these feminine clothes is Maximillia, an Australian online boutique focusing on local designers. Other Australian fashion sites worth visiting are the website of Russh, an Australian fashion magazine and the website of the Australian edition of Vogue. Here you will find all the fashion updates, inspiration, and forums to share tips with other fashionistas, but you also find articles on what NOT to wear, including hilarious pictures. There are lots of Australian websites focusing on the latest trends, long time classics and the people who are creating fashion. But of course, another good way to stay up to date about fashion is to go on Instagram for inspiration. This picture sharing platform is incredibly popular amongst Australian Fashionistas to show off their outfits, fit bodies and hot makeup looks. Local darling, and international top model, Miranda Kerr, often updates her Instagram account with her amazing sense of style. So what are you waiting for? Surf the web and search social media for the latest Australian fashion!

What’s back in fashion? Military trend 2016

It’s time to revisit the military trend! Ever since the 60’s this trend has been in and out of fashion, especially since John Lennon was seen wearing the now legendary M-65. Previously, it’s been common to see fashionable people wearing military shirts bought from army surplus or thrift stores. Plain olive cotton, preferably a bit over-size and understated. The military trend 2016 is far from plain. You will still see the olive cotton and the classic shape, but this year the practical and comfortable military clothing is adorned with all kinds of wondrous things. Big embroideries of birds and flowers, studs, rope trim, crystals, bows and brass buttons are some must-have details this year! Vogue has called the military trend 2016 as clothing cut from 18th-century Britain and France instead of salvaged from the army surplus stores. This year garments are much more structured, with crisp fabric, defined shoulders and a tailored look. Do you have an army shirt hanging in your wardrobe? Why not take it out and adorn it yourself with some funky details? It’s right on trend!

Get Green Fashion Accessories

For a long time now, humanity has been drawn to everything fashionable. Fashion arises in diverse forms with colour, not being an exception. Whenever fashion accessories are cited, colour is said to be a great psychological influence. Protecting Mother Nature is everyone’s dream. More consumers are going for environmentally friendly merchandise and businesses in the fashion industry do all that is possible to match the demand. Getting green fashion accessories is no longer as hard as it was a decade ago. If you have an eye for business and aspire to start a green fashion accessories business, there are multiple small green business ideas that anyone who is nature conscious could try out. Top green business ideas include; opening an Eco-friendly beauty salon. It involves dealing with organic and lactovegetarian beauty products ranging from makeup, soaps, and shampoos. Another idea revolves around recycled fashion. You can produce silk screen artwork on environmental friendly T-shirts or craft handbags out of reprocessed materials. In addition, one can venture into Green app development, farmers’ market vendor, green house cleaning, or green franchises. You can also consider organic catering that involves providing food prepared from organic ingredients to people at local occasions. If you are into construction, supplying recycled construction materials for developments, such as reparation of sub-structure, maybe be an idea. These are some of the Top 10 green small business idea implementations that anyone can adopt and help to conserve the environment.

Green fashion accessories

Fire Up Your Wardrobe with Ideas from Australian Fashion Week

Australian fashion week

If you want to fire up your wardrobe, Australian Fashion Week revealed that the idea is to be sexy, but not too racy. Staying on trend is all about revealing skin in a somewhat subdued way which simply makes your outfit even more flattering. Open back tops to side-slits on long skirts and dresses mean you’ll be drawing eyes, but for all the right reasons. Australian fashion rocks streetstyle, and we’re bound to see a host of casual and more sophisticated trends in the upcoming season. From bold floral prints to casual looks with t-shirt or button-ups. Gucci won street style at Mercedes-Benz Australian Fashion Week 2016 so we’ll be seeing a lot of resort-style clothing such as abstract floral prints, nautical stripes and ribbed knits. You can use these styles to dress up your ever-popular jeans for the ultimate casual street style. Australian fashion week has shown us how to create a host of different looks from some simple yet versatile pieces for a classy street style look.

Newest Styles Straight Outta Aussie: How to Rock Them on a Budget

Newest styles on a budget

Just because my bank statement indicates more charges than money coming in does not mean my wardrobe needs to agonize as well. Here are my few quick, albeit sneaky, tips that help me rock the newest styles on a shoestring budget!

1) For starters, I always replace the cheap plastic buttons found on blazers or coats to make them look upscale (it does work!).

2) It is hard to have quality enhancement cheaply; the solution is choosing a simple handbag without lots of hardware.

3) I have found that wearing lower priced faux suede pumps tend to make me look more stylish than wearing artificial leather.

4) While shopping, always keep the fabric in mind. Linen, cotton and tweed most often look lavish, even when they are not.

5) Invest in a fabric shaver. This device will help make your knit items look new every time you wear them.

6) Make friends with a tailor. Although this will cost you some cash up front, what you get is a piece custom-fitted to you in a way that will always look more posh.

7) Lastly, get your piece in black. The color hides the revealing signs that you are wearing an inexpensive piece. If you are like me, and have a knack for showing off the newest styles from the likes of Vogue, without denting the bank, I would love to hear from you.

Hot Trend Alert – Knuckle Rings

I’m in love with knuckle rings right now. This is a trend that is just now making its way to Australia and it’s a great one. The little rings that fit up top on your fingers look so great with other jewelry. You can wear them all at once or just put one on with your normal rings in order to make a statement. They come in all types of silver and gold with gyms, symbols, and etchings on them. They are a great accessory to help you go that one step further. I have fallen in love with a set of turquoise ones. You can buy them in a set together or mix and match.

The knuckle rings can be worn attached to bracelets with chains. There are many different ways to wear the cute little midi rings and once you start wearing them you won’t be able to stop. I love them, and I think they will continue to be a huge trend in Australia. If you haven’t tried this trend yet, I suggest you at least grab one of these, you can wear it and see how quickly it takes you to want more. They are addictive.

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